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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Cardioceptive Therapy are manual modalities consisting of soft, still touch which assist the body’s natural capacity for self-repair. Lymph Drainage stimulates lymph and body fluids to help eliminate toxins and trapped protiens in body tissue.
Complementary Therapies, Biodynamic Craniosacral, Cardioceptive, Lymph Drainage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Viceral manipulation, Pre and post-surgery therapy
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MARCH 2018


This class is directed to Biodynamic Craniosacral and Craniosacral therapists as well as energy healers.

The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is crucial for the body to move blocked fluids, detoxify interstitial spaces, regenerate tissues, filter toxins, enhanced the production of T-cells and maintain a healthy immune system.

Traditional techniques of lymph drainage allow the therapist to perceive the specific rhythm, direction and characteristic of the lymphatic fluid throughout the body. The practitioner uses her hands to evaluate and improve lymph circulation, increasing drainage in areas that suffer congestion of body fluids (lymph, interstitial, synovial, etc.) Using the wave-like movements characteristic of lymph circulation and interstitial fluid, the therapist gently stimulates the functions of both the immune and the parasympathetic systems.

Biodynamic Lymph Drainage adds a whole new depth to this healing method.

In this class students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the Lymphatic System, looking into its relationship with the cardiovascular, immune and parasympathetic nervous system. Students will be introduced to some of the basic principles of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and the interaction of the lymph flow with the fluid body and the unified rhythm of primary respiration while maintaining a perception of the electromagnetic fields.

Organization of lymphatic pathways in the superficial lymph circulation of the front of the body will be presented in order for students to understand the function and strategic position of lymph nodes throughout the body.

Indications and contra-indications of LDT will be thoroughly reviewed.

Much time will be devoted to demos and practice of the very gentle manual techniques that practitioners need to develop in order to perceive rhythm and direction of the lymph flow, as well as the quality of the lymph fluid.

This class is directed to Biodynamic Craniosacral and Craniosacral therapists as well as energy healers.

Classes will take place one Friday (tbd) a month for 6 months.

March 2018

Times: 10am to 4pm

Price: $200 per day payable in 4 installations of $300 each.




Please contact me if you are interested in joining.

This is an ongoing class, three hours twice a month. During this time the principles of the biodynamic way of working are explored, which can later be applied to any kind of therapy you perform besides Craniosacral. As the word implies biodynamic is a way of working with the dynamics of our biological environment. Thus, we take into account the interactions happening within the physiology of the client, our own adjustment and regulation as therapists, and the relationship of these with the electromagnetic fields that encompass the therapeutic environment.

The class consists of:

  • The study of living anatomy  – as different hands’ positions are explored we learn the anatomy and the organism’s function as it relates to itself and to other body areas.
  • The ability to develop and maintain our own comfort and nervous system regulation –in order to offer our clients a healing environment that they can trust.
  • The development of awareness of the different fields from which we can work and of the aptitude to sense with which field to interact during the different stages of a session.
  • Continual guided practice on class colleagues and invitees with great emphasis on presence and mutual feed back.



Call or use this contact form to inquire about classes.

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